Ireland Reaching Out

July-August 2013 (page 14)

Newfoundland Ancestor (articles by Joe Petrie)

Volume 21, No 1 (North Sydney, NS Capt. R.H. Tobin Shipwrecked, p. 46)

Volume 21, No 2 (Northern Bay: My Experiences with Serendipity in Genealogy, p. 77 & Boston Pilot Ads, p. 98))

Volume 21, No 3 (William Hogan - Early Settlers of Northern Bay: Were They Related?, p. 108)

Volume 27, No 3 (More Information on & Other Free Databases, p. 127)

Volume 27, No 4 (Waterford County Ireland Death Records from 1864-1901, p. 152)

Volume 28, No 2 (Jump Start Your Genealogy Research using Free Web Sites, p. 63)

Volume 29, No 2 (Review of FamilySearch Community Trees, a Treasure for FHSNL Researchers, p. 71)


Cape Breton Genealogy & Historical Association (articles by Joe Petrie)


Boutilier - Descendants of John Peter and Elizabeth Ann

Camus - Descendants of Martin Adolphe

Five Generation Register Report for the Descendants of Richard Casey of Ireland, father of Richard Casey and Betsy Casey Hall of Lingan

Cummings - Descendants of John and Johanna Maher and Sarah Nicholson of Lingan

Hogan - Descendants of William and Elizabeth

Mackie - Descendants of Thomas and Sarah Jordan

Marriette - Descendants of Etienne and Anna Catherine Boutilier

O'Brien - Descendants of William

Ormond - Descendants of David and Hannah

Modified Register Report for David and Hannah Ormond of Waterford County Ireland and North Sydney as of 11 Feb 2015

Park - Descendants of Andrew and Agnes Irvin

Petrie - Descendants of George and Isobelle

Tobin - Descendants of Patrick Tobin


Boutilier Research 11 June 2013

Canadian Images in Family Search Historical Collections 24 June 2013

Finding Irish Parish Records Using Fianna Info 27 June 2013 19 September 2013

How do I find People 21 January 2013

How to Find Irish and Missing Vitals 10 July 2013

Impact of a Surname Change 13 April 2013

Irish Church Records 3 May 2013

Items for 24 April 2013

Parish Records Newfoundland Grand Banks 5 Aug 2013

Research - Massachusetts Birth, Marriage and Death Records 31 Aug 2013

Researching Ellen Laffin 8 may 2013

Researching Jacques James Boutlier 31 Aug 2013

Researching Lunenburg Roots 19 May 2013

Sheans; Peteries; and Brians in Antigonish Database 8 July 2013

Using Ancestry for Census Records 8 July 2013

Using Automated Census of Canada 8 July 2013

Canadian Marriages between First Cousins are Common

How I Got Started in Genealogy

I am Proud to be a Dual Citizen of The United States and Canada

RESEARCH Dual Irish Citizenship

Researching Lavinia Andrews McCabe of Coxheath and Canton Massachusetts

Descendants John David Boutilier and Sarah Peach

Descendants of Anna Catherine Boutilier and Jean George Bezanson

Descendants of Henry Joseph Boutilier and Ann Susan Peach as of 5 Dec 2013

Descendants of Jean George Boutilier and Sarah Grange

Descendants Susanna Margaretha Boutilier and John George Andrews

Family Search - Community Trees

Researching Martin Haley of Newfoundland and Lingan

Searching for Lunenburg Maillard Families

Use of the Cape Breton County Burial Index in PDF format

Using the Nova Scotia Mailing List

Use Caution when using Census Records

Be Cautious when using's Search Genealogy Results

Be Cautious when using Ancestry's Public Member Trees

Review of the Cape Breton Probate Database

Updated Anna Catherine Boutilier Research September 2015



Genealogy Basics

(Cape Breton Genealogy & Historical Association and Friends of Irish Research)


Genealogy Basics - Getting Started

Genealogy Basics - A Pedigree Chart

Genealogy Basics -'s 10 Golden Rules

Genealogy Basics - The Family Group Sheet Form

Genealogy Basics - Personal Preferences

Genealogy Basics - Some Copy and Paste Software Techniques

Genealogy Basics - Why I Registered for

Genealogy Basics – What I learned from experience using various countries’ records

Genealogy Basics -Ways to Avoid Damage to Database from a GEDCOM file

Genealogy Basics – Tutorials, Free On-line Training Courses etc

Genealogy Basics – What is a Genealogy Register Report

Genealogy Basics – US Military Records, Using Ancestry to Find Canadians in US Draft
Registration Card Records

Genealogy Basics – US Military Records, Using Ancestry to Find Canadians in WW II US Army
Enlistment Record

Genealogy Basics – Canadian Military Records, Using Ancestry to Find Canadian Soldiers of the First World War, 1914 - 1918

Genealogy Basics - Using Wayne Macvicar's Cape Bretoners at War Web Site

Genealogy Basics - Using Ancestry Public Trees as a Resource

Genealogy Basics – Tips on Gathering “Official” Genealogy Records from Internet Databases

Genealogy Basics - Attribution

Genealogy Basics – How I Handle Inconsistent Information

A Border Crossing Substitute

Genealogy Basics - Using Rootsweb WorldConnect Databases

Genealogy Basics - Using WikiTree to Gather Information

Genealogy Basics – Using a Passport Application Form to Determine an Individual’s Date and Place of Birth

Genealogy Basics - Antigonish Catholic Diocese Software Revisited

Links to the Communities and the 43 Parishes that provided Registers for the Antigonish Catholic Diocese database

Genealogy Basics - How to Find Irish Vitals in the IrishGenealogy Web Site

Genealogy Basics - How to Find Irish Vitals in the National Irish Library Web Site

Genealogy Basics - How to find Vitals for Newfoundland

Genealogy Basics - How to find Vitals for Cape Bretoners

Genealogy Basics - Sharing Genealogy

Geneakogy Basics - How to Find Vitals for Prince Edward Island

Genealogy Basics - Field Trips are Worthwhile

Genealogy Basics - Verifying Oral History

Genealogy Basics - Using Google to Research

Genealogy Basics – More on Using Ancestry’s Public Member Trees

Genealogy Basics - Using Ancestry's, Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers

Genealogy Basics – My Search for a Burial Record in the Images of the Registers of Two RC Parishes in Cape Breton

Genealogy Basics – How a Client Should Prepare for a Genealogy Consultation

Genealogy Basics - Register Reports, More on my 2014 Article

Genealogy Basics – Myth, Irish Catholic Parish Records were Lost

Genealogy Basics – Finding Irish Catholic Females with a Given Name of Unity

Genealogy Basics – Massachusetts Archives Index to Passenger Manifests (1848-1891)

Genealogy Basics – Using Ancestry’s Massachusetts State and Federal Naturalization Records Database

Genealogy Basics - Why I still use Personal Ancestral File (PAF) as My Genealogy Software

Genealogy Basics - An Amazing Web Site with a Fantastic Genealogy Primer

Genealogy Basics - My Latest Genealogy Methodology Checklist

Genealogy Basics - a source for vitals

Genealogy Basics - Nova Scotia Mine Fatalities 1838 – 1992 Database

Genealogy Basics - Verifying Vitals using a Family Member’s Official Record

Genealogy Basics - How I converted a Register Formated document with footnotes for the Notes section of my PAF Software

Genealogy Basics – A North Sydney, NS, Tobin Family History Story

Genealogy Basics – Irish Research, Searching Collateral Family Members

Genealogy Basics, Irish Research, The Forester's Assurance Database

Genealogy Basics, Irish Research, Griffith's Valuation on

Genealogy Basics - Using Ancestry Naturalization Records

Genealogy Basics - Using Ancestry Passenger, Crew and Arrival Lists

Genealogy Basics, Immigration Networking within a Family

Genealogy Basics - Using Ancestry Missing Friends Database

Genealogy Basics - Irish Research, Using

Genealogy Basics - Researching at One New England Repository

Genealogy Basics - Using the nsroots Email Mailing List

Genealogy Basics - Researching Irish Roots on the Ireland Reaching Out Web Site

Genealogy Basics - How I linked two step-children who did not know of each other

Genealogy Basics - How I found my Dad's First Cousin that No-one Seemed to Know About

Genealogy Basics - How I found Mom's Tobin Family that immigrated from Gowran, Kilkenny, Ireland

Genealogy Basics - Why I Like to attend Family Reunions

Genealogy Basics - Researching the Ile Royale (Cape Breton) Census of 1752

Genealogy Basics – Tips and Advice for submitting Register Reports

Genealogy Basics - Links to the Official Register Records in

Genealogy Basics - Family History of Educators in my Tobin Family

Genealogy Basics - Suggested Records

Genealogy Basics - Some more on Public Member Trees

Genealogy Basics -Changes in the Ancestry and the FamilySearch Softwre for the Antigonish Catholic Diocese Database

Genealogy Basics - Use of Notes in Genealogy Software

Genealogy Basics – How I Research and Document Adoptees

Genealogy Basics – Use of Steven P Morse's One Step Software

My Methodology -revised 12-27-2019

Genealogy Basics - How I used the Cape Breton GENWEB

Genealogy Basics - Were you surprised by the DNA Results

Family History of Leo I and Ethel T Petrie

Genealogy Basics - Finding Catherine Camus, a Missing Relative

Genealogy Basics - Kudos to Ancestry

Genealogy Basics - Attribution 2020

Genealogy Basics - Genealogy Software

Genealogy Basics - Researching My Father's Place of Birth

Addendum to my Father's biography - My Dad was a Democrat